(For each answer, enter a number. Use 2 decimal places.)

n·p = 

n·q =  

Can we approximate p̂ by a normal distribution? Why? (Fill in the blank. There are four answer blanks. A blank is represented by _____.)

_____, p̂ _____ be approximated by a normal random variable because _____ _____.

first blank

Yes or No    

second blank

can or cannot  

third blank

n·q does not exceed

n·q exceeds    

n·p exceeds

both n·p and n·q exceed

n·p and n·q do not exceed

n·p does not exceed

fourth blank (Enter an exact number.)


What are the values of μp̂ and σp̂? (For each answer, enter a number. Use 3 decimal places.)

μp̂ =

σp̂ =

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