1. In the house of lokasabha there were 600 member’s present during the   discussion on a motion put to vote, 400 voted in favor of the resolution.  The government members in the house were 380,65 members belonging to the   opposition voted in favor of the resolution, all the members are belonging to the   either of the two group and there were no absentees. Tabulate the above   information.  2. In 2015 out of total customers visiting the hotel 75 are non-vegetarians and 125  are vegetarians. In total there are 55 male non-veg customers and 30 female   vegetarian customers. In 2016 the total number of customers are increased by   25% of non-vegetarian’s customer in by 20%. In all there are 170 make customers  among them 65 are non-vegetarians. Present the given information in the form of   a table.  3. In a state there are 30 medical college 10 Dental colleges and 50 Engineering   colleges. Among the medical college 5 are government colleges, 10 are aided   private colleges and the rest were unaided private colleges. Among the dental   colleges 2 are aided private colleges and rest were unaided private colleges.   Tabulate the above information.

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