Task 1: Upload US crime data and compare the murder counts for the states of Oregon, Nevada and California. Your job is to identify which of the two states is most correlated to Nevada. Make scattered plot chart with X representing Nevada and Y representing that state in question, plot the line and compute the R-square. Answer the questions:

I) What are the approximate slope and the R-squares on your chart? (10 points)

  • a. 0.256 and 0.17
  • b. 3.91 and 0.854
  • c. 0.71 and 0.18
  • d. None of these

II) What is the approximate Y-intercept and what is its interpretation? (10 points)

  • a. 75; There are zero murders in Nevada for every 75 murders in Oregon
  • b. 16.05; If there are zero murders in California there would be approximately 16.05 murders in Nevada
  • c. 35.01; If there are zero murders in Nevada then we would expect 35.01 murders in Oregon
  • d. None of these

III) What does each dot represent? (10 points)

  • a. State
  • b. Year
  • c. Murder
  • d. Crime

IV) The highest dot on your chart has (approximately) the following Y-coordinate (10 points)

  • a. 180
  • b. 4096
  • c. 129
  • d. 515

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