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  • Please select the organization of your choice that is innovative
  • Research about organization and write about key variables in paragraphs as well as summarize in table that can be Innovation Arabia Poster (
  • In table, please insert only bullet points or very short point, that you can explain in detail in paragraph after table. Start with paragraphs and summarize in table.
  • The writeup about 2000 words (excluding table and references) and the deadline has to be week 5 so you can participate in Innovation Arabia. Minimum is 2000 words and maximum no limit.
  • Please select unique organization and avoid duplication. So, share your selected organization in discussion forum.
  • The organization can be national, international, regional etc.
  • The key variables are not limited as listed but you can add more and some variable may not reflect in your organization you might guess or leave them blank. If you wish, you can create your important variables and write them.
  • Keep the logo on the front page of your selected organization and when you design the poster, keep it very attractive and try to put images, figure and figures.


  Key Variable 2009 (past) 2019 (Present) 2029 (Future)
1 Innovations      
2 Innovations Strategies      
3 Innovations sources      
4 Innovations leader(s)      
5 Innovations Cost      
6 Product Innovations      
7 Process Innovation      
8 Services Innovations      
 9 Technology Innovations      
10 Business Model      
11 Strategic Advantage      
12 Social Advantage      
13 Social Disadvantage      
14 Organization Culture      
15 Stakeholders Value      
16 Customers Value      
17 Employees Value      
18 Change Management      
19 Global Reach      
20 Growth and Profit      
21 Other (Include name)      
22 Other…(Include Name)      




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