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Discussion-12by Disha Dungrani – Saturday, 4 August 2018, 1:27 PM

Article 1 : The application of the balanced scorecard (BSC) in the higher education setting of a Polish university
This article provides basic information about Balanced score card, what kind of problems managers are facing in defining the strategies and how balanced score help managers to over come it,What kind of issues are being faced by univerisites in higher education and how balanced scorecard can help them to increase efficiency. It also states that how they applied balance scorecard in one polish university. It also states that Kaplan and norton has developed Balanced score card based upon study taken from research.As per article Balanced is system which measures the performance. It is a set of measures that gives manager clarity from four core pillars/perspective which are as below : a) Financial b) Customer c) Internal 4) Innovation and learning
for each pillar objectives/perspective are defined and with each objective ,one or more measure gets matched to make balanced score card more operational and by matching them we can come to know about the performance or efficiency.
Article 2 : The Balanced scorecard method : From theory to practice
The article describes about origins of balance score card method. As per article Balance score card can be effectively implemented in both public sector and non profit sector. Balance score card is a performance measure system which is structured according to login of management circle. Balanced score card was created primarily as a measurement system and concerning the measurement of performance ability of company. Balanced score card was organised through four different perspective : a) Financial b) Customer c) Internal d) Learning . This article states also mention like balanced scorecard measurement focuses on management processes whicha re as below. a) Clarifying and translating vision and strategyb) Communicating and liking strategic objectives and measuresc) Planing, Structuring and following strategic initiativesd) Improving strategic feedback and learning
Also as this article , writer has also mentioned kaplan and norton’s recommended nine steps process for creating and implementing balanced scorecard in organization. In this article, how balanced scorecard between private and public sectors and detailed about it. Also this article , strategy mapping is also described like how strategy map provides a visual framework for an organization’s strategy. Also as per this article how balance scorecard and strategy map works together effectively in a such a way by following six steps. 1) Establish and define what the current value gap is for share holder2) Reconcile your current value proposition 3) Establish your project time line4) Indentify your key strategic themes 5) Identify and aling your intangible assets6) Specify and fund the strategic initiatives required to execute the strategy
Article 3 : The impact of balanced scorecard on corporate performance : The case of an Australian public sector enterprise
This article is about what is impact of corporate scorecard system inspired by balance scorecard and later balanced scorecard can be adopted in public sector commercial entity. Article explains about the innovation of balanced scorecard by kaplan and norton. It also explains about Adopting the balance scorecard and its variations to capture data and to measure the factors.It also explains about the corporate structure and key performance indicators and its effectiveness and the efficiency.
Article 4 : The balanced scorecard : Innovative performance Measurement and management control system
The article describes overview of studies for necessity of innovative performance measurement system.It also describes about the history of management control systems development to complex balanced scorecard performance measurement system. It also explains about the balanced scorecard model. The balanced scorecard model covers all the key company processes like a) Innovation process b) Operational process c) Post-sale services. The Balance scorecard concept transforms vision of company and strategy into set of Key performance indicators that provides a framework to assessing its strategy and management system. Balanced score card measures company performance using four balanced perspectives like a) Financial b) Customer c) internal business processes d) potential. The basic scorecard is one kind of management system which is designed to correlate company with its strategy at all levels. A well designed balanced score system allows for following company strategies efficiently.
As IT manager , first I would like to create department wise balanced scorecard for each department. For each scorecard, four perspective will be linked with different key performance indicators of each departmental processes. Then I will capture the data for each department processes and then based on those data , I will evaluate the system performance of the system.

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