Topic #1

Since it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, I’m adding another topic for fun:  The Body Language of Love:

Topic #2

Topic #3

Find a business-related current event for this week’s Discussion Board.  You should include the catchy headline that drew your interest, your source, a link and the highlights–who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.  It can be on anything that piques your interest, but maybe not politics–enough already!! Be sure to follow the rubic guidelines shown below this message.


If you get less than a 10 grade on any week, you can still finish up to get your required total of three–one original post and two responses to others. It’s helpful if you put add that person’s name; i.e., “Hi, Joan—I liked what you had to say about…”. Here’s how they’re graded:

Original:    4 pts.

Responses:  6 pts. (3 pts. for each of two responses)

Total:  10 pts./week – the DBs are worth 10% of your overall grade

I’m leaving these discussions open during the whole course because the last online class commented that sometimes they had more to say on a topic a week or two later, and by then, the link was closed. You should try to write at least one meaningful paragraph for each, not just a couple of sentences. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

On any given week, you can also choose to talk about an interesting current event or something else you’d like to discuss, as long as it’s “politically correct,” OK? Not everyone will like my choices, or sometimes, one class will and the other won’t. Go figure. I love that you’re sharing your ideas, pictures and links—way to go!!

If you are the first student to respond, just go to “create thread” to see this week’s prompt and get started. Remember, to get your full 10 pts. for each week, you must create an original post and reply to two others. Please make these at least one paragraph each, not just a few words or sentences each (refer to the rubric shown with each DB). Thanks!

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