The final paper for Geology 101 is a on the Turonian stages of the cretaceous in Pueblo, Co at Lake Pueblo Reservoir.  The final paper must be 4-7 pages long on this topic. 

In addition, I need 5, one page case studies using different websites on this same topic.  This can be a sort of annotated bib on each of the websites used. Then, that information can be put together for the final paper.

I will include an attachment with the instructions for both requirements and it will also include 5 sites that I recommend using. 

Geo case study Topic and final paper

Final paper requirements

Final Case Study Analysis Paper

You will write a paper in MLA or APA formatting.

It will consists of:

Title Page Case Study Abstract 4-7 Body Pages of your analysis: Introduction/Methods/Tools/Results/Conclusion Sources in Reference or Bibliography

Plagiarism will be considered in this paper, so make sure that you use your own words except when using 3 allowable quotes, or when using common phraseology.

Case Study Projects I need 5

Web Projects

This is the opportunity to do internet research to find the topic you want to pursue for you case study final paper and presentation.  You will spend 1+ hours doing research on the internet.  The information that you learn will put into your own words on a word document.  Double-space at least 1full page of information with the URL link included.  You may go to many sites or just 1.  Remember, this is to help you to find a case study at a .org, .edu., or a .gov website.  Your case study will have an abstract that will be used to get my approval.

Turonian Stage of the Cretaceous: Pueblo, Colorado, U.S.A.

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