The following histogram presents a summary of the results of a questionnaire given to a sample of adult onlinestudents at OU. The students were asked how many hours per week they study for PSY 1110. The number of hours per week spent on study has been grouped into intervals, and the frequency indicates the number of students in each interval. (Note: all lines in the histogram were intended to be black, so treat blue lines as if they were black–in other words the color difference is not meaningful.) 

(HINT: Convert the histogram to a Grouped Frequency Distribution in order to answer the questions below. The “Creating a Grouped Frequency Distribution from a Histogram” document under Instruction Materials will be helpful.)

For each answer, enter the numeric value:

What is the sample size? 

The _______th percentile is associated with 10.5 hours of study? 

How many students studied between 11 and 20 hours per week? 

What value (hours of study) is associated with the 50th percentile? 

 The histogram frequency on left side goes from 1-10. The hours of study on bottom of histogram (midpoints are 3,8,13,18,23,28. Can you explain this to me??

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