The following table show the results from a famous social experiment in the U.S. on recidivism for criminals who

were convicted and later released from prison (Rossi, Berk, and Lenihan, AJS Vol 88 No 2, September 1982). Recidivism reflects whether or not they were rearrested after being released. The treatment is the study was whether or not the subject received a stipend after they were released from prison (the control group did not get the stipend). A confounding factor was whether the subject found work after being released. The table below shows the relationship between the treatment and finding work.

The chi-square test statistic for this table is 15.666. Using an alpha of .05, what conclusion would you make?

Did the Subject WorkTreatmentNOYes ROW TotalControl163223386Stipend304245549Column Total467468935

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