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A research proposal is an outline of approximately 1,200 words (including references and bibliography) which gives an insight into the originality, research design and methodology of the proposed project which you are about to undertake as part of your studies. The research proposal is used to gain insight into the quality and originality of your planned research, how you are thinking critically and how well you have an understanding of the relevant literature. This then provides an overview of the perspectives you intend to take on your research area which is helpful when assigning a supervisor. You are required to give a concise description of your research project under the following headings: • Articulate the rationale for your proposed research study including an explanation of the topic of interest, objective of the research, background and relevance. (10 marks) – Define what the problem / opportunity is that you wish to address. • Proposed title of dissertation (5 marks) • Client organisation (5 marks) • Proposed Research Questions (10 marks) – Secondary Research Questions – Primary Research Questions • Proposed Literature review: Identify sources that will be used in your literature review and in particular the theoretical framework underpinning your research. (40 marks) – As you are conducting an original piece of research, you should demonstrate that your proposed area has relevance to the literature and you need to identify your niche / question / hypothesis. – You will need to identify two relevant journal articles dealing with the subject and the research question(s) addressed in the articles you have selected. – The articles should use different research approaches for a similar research question – for example; one author uses a positivist approach and the other an interpretivist. – (Please attach the two journal articles to the hard copy of the paper.) – You must critically compare and evaluate the research approach in each article, specifically addressing the articles’ engagement with following factors: (1) management of theoretical assumptions, (2) ontology and epistemology, and (3) methodological approach. You must also identify the theoretical paradigm that is guiding the research approach of the articles. – You will evaluate the worth and effectiveness of each of the chosen approaches (e.g. positivist and interpretive) in addressing the subject and the research question, and their contributions to knowledge. In your opinion, is the question in each of the articles the ‘right’ question to ask and address? Do the methodologies employed really help to answer the question? Does one methodology do a better job of answering the question than the other methodology? • Intended Methodology: Give an explanation of how you plan to research the topic of interest (20 marks) – Give an overview of your epistemological and ontological position and how it relates to the intended methodology. – You will need to demonstrate an awareness of the methodological approaches and data collection tools available to you and show some understanding of which would be suitable for your research. • Expected Outcomes (10 marks) – Explain what you believe the results will reveal and how you think these outputs will impact the client organisation. – Detail any assumptions including time horizon and delimitations of scope for your research project. The assignment should be approximately 1,200 words, with a maximum word count of 2,000 words. As conciseness in writing style is an important part of research methods, it will be assessed as part of your overall grade.

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