The manufacturers of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream would like to check the quality of their batches of Cherry Garcia, their most popular ice cream flavor. Since they have recently been receiving complaints from customers claiming that there aren’t enough cherries in their pints of Cherry Garcia, the company would like to evaluate whether their recent batches contain fewer cherries than their known average 27 cherries. Below are the numbers of cherries the company has counted in 9 pints they have manufactured from their most recent batch. Test this hypothesis using an alpha level of .01.

x: {19, 24, 22, 20, 26, 26, 21, 28, 19}

a.   (2 pts) What is the appropriate test?

b.   (1 pt) State your null hypothesis:

c.   (1 pt) State your alternative hypothesis.

d.   (2 pts) Find the critical value:

e.   (3 pts) Calculate the obtained statistic:

f.    (2 pts) Make a decision:

g.   (1 pt) What does your decision mean?

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