The Reaction/Article Summary should focus on the geography of immigration from the Middle American or North African/Southwest Asian Realm to the United States (see Chapter 3 for more information about the subject as it relates to geography) .  The article should be current (dating back to 1/2016 at the earliest) and structured according to the Sample Template.

Reaction Paper / Article Summary

You will write one short reaction paper/article summary. For the assignment, you will choose an article related to the week’s chapter topic (the specific assignment will be posted to the Announcement page and the sample (template) is on the Assignments page).

Here are some guidelines:

•        The article must be an electronically retrievable article from a newspaper, periodical, or academic journal.

•        The purpose of the assignment is to stimulate critical thinking and give you the ability to research a current event related to geography. The assignment also provides an opportunity for you to organize your thoughts and provide a brief critique on important topics. In addition, you can demonstrate your content analysis and MLA writing skills.

•        The writing must be your own, so the content cannot be copied from another source, in whole or in part.

•        The length of the paper should be one-two page(s), single spaced, and have one-inch margins all around. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font. Skip a line between paragraphs, and indent the first line of every paragraph five spaces. Please review the provided template for format.

•        You are required to use the template provided, this will help to simplify completing the assignment. Not following the assignment guidelines will result in a point deduction from your overall grade.

•        Your paper, a word-processed document, should be submitted as an attachment through the Assignment page, submission link.

•        Your grade is based on the extent to which you adhere to the proper format, you write clear, coherent sentences, and you apply your reading and understand the impact it could have on your everyday life.

Don’t forget to cite your source for this assignment.


All sources must be cited for each project and paper submitted for a grade. It is not acceptable to cite, or other search engines. Instead, the instructor must be able to access the specific information used in the assignment by clicking on a link or accessing library material. The preferable citation style is MLA; however, it is acceptable to use other citation styles as well.

It is not acceptable to use Wikipedia or other reference material (dictionaries, encyclopedias) as sources for your assignments. While Wikipedia and other reference material can be consulted in order to obtain background information, they are not acceptable as sources.

The textbook can only be used above and beyond other sources. In other words, if three sources are required, the textbook can be the fourth source.


The instructor is entitled to use to check for plagiarism. If this plagiarism checker indicates that more than 23% of the discussion posting, paper or project was plagiarized, the student will fail the assignment. If plagiarism continues on other assignments, the student will fail the course. It is not necessary to provide a warning before assigning a failing course grade for plagiarism. The instructor reserves the right to report plagiarism, pursuant to college policy (as indicated in the Student Handbook and College Catalog). It will not be possible to withdraw from a class if a determination of reoccurring plagiarism has been made; instead, the student will receive a failing grade for the course.

ample Reaction Paper/Article Summary


Article Introduction:

This is where you will reveal the article you are reviewing and why you decided to read

and review this article. Please write a minimum of 1 three-sentence paragraphs for the summary.

Article Summary:

In this section you will briefly summarize the main points of the article you are

reviewing. This summary has to be in your own words, and should describe what the author is

trying to tell us. If this is about a study or an invention, try to be true to the author’s intent

without copying from the article.

Please write a minimum of 2 three-sentence paragraphs for the summary.

Article Critique:

What did you think about this article? Did you find it interesting? Why or why not? Did

you agree with the premise behind the article? What is your reaction to what the author had to

say? Did this article have some impact upon you, what you do, or how you live your life? Does it

have meaning for you?

Please write a minimum of 2 three-sentence paragraphs for the critique.


Would you recommend this article to others to read? Why or why not? Please write at

least a 3 sentence paragraph for your conclusion.


Please use MLA style to list your source for the assignment. If you need assistance with

this, please see the Library web page and click on the link to Citation Guides.

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