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Technical Writing

The Teaching Document intends to provide the Instructor with a thorough understanding of an important process, its logic, and its significance.  (Please take note: Your intention is not to teach the Instructor to complete that process).  This document should include between 500 and 750 words.  The Teaching Document must include at least one visual aid and effective caption.  To earn full credit, the Teaching Document should compel the audience, refrain from confusing the audience, adhere to the Guidelines of Professional Writing, utilize the principles of tight and bright language, and show definitive evidence of a thorough writing process.  Your grade will be lowered one mark (from an A to an A-, for instance) for every two punctuation or grammar errors.  (Guidance on punctuation and grammar can be found on the Course Documents page).  Your grade will be lowered one mark for each faulty paragraph, disruption to the stream of curiosity, and instance of reader confusion.

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