This is a problem that I am currently working on…

The means below are from a hypothetical study of the role of drive level and drugs on the learning performance of monkeys with four monkeys in each group. The animals are given a series of 20 “oddity” problems. In this task, three objects (two of the same, one different). Are presented to the monkeys, and the subjects task is to learn to select the non-duplicated or odd object. A food reward is placed in a food well underneath the correct object. A trial consists of the presentation of three objects and the monkey’s selection of one of them. The response measure Y is the number of errors in 20 trials of training. One of the independent variables Factor A consists of a Control and two Drug conditions, and the other variable Factor B is the drive level of animals, either 1 hour of food deprivation of 24 hours of food deprivation. Four moneys are randomly assigned to each treatment combination. The results of the analysis of variance are presented below.

Source                        SS                  df                    MS                 F                     

Factor A(Drug)            112.00            2                     56.00              3.06

Factor B (Motivation)   24.00             1                     24.00              1.31

A x B                          144.00            2                     72.00              3.93*

MS (error)                 330.00            18                   18.33

I finished the first half of the problem, but I am having trouble with the last three questions. I am wondering if you can help. Here are the last three questions…

What is cohen F for Factor A(Drug)? (show your work below).

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