this is my week 5 final that I need help with. In order to know what to do, you have to read the entire week 5 assignment instructors guidance. and the article  ” Presence of online reader comments lowers news site credibility”,  because there are questions there that must be applied to the research format as well as information that can assist in making the assignment complete. Go through the assignment, find the questions to be answered and answer in the mode of a paragraph, in a research paper.  I have attached the article to be read  in its entirety and the “Welcome to Week 5! our final week assignment” instructions. I want an academic paper, but do not exaggerate with a lot of large complex words.  Standard english is more sensible and easier to read. Besides, I am not a dummy either. I can tell if the material is being copied from another paper from a Course Hero student, as the last tutor I picked did.  I will check for plagerism before being charged.. I also would like great scholarly sources from the Ashford library as well as Tanner’s edition of Statistics for the Behaviorial & Social Sciences (2nd Edition) chapter one through 5. Please contact me for questions or comments that you feel will help you give me a successful paper.  I just need a copy to to go by. More of the original assignment will be my own changes. Also9 it needs to be at least 7 pages long with citations, and credible sources. Can anyone help with the instructions I am forwarding?

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