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Content has to be all about:

*Royalty mornachial history

*culture, tradition and custom 

*Palace pictures and its view

*Arts and craft

*Political Power

An example of such Poster is uploaded below

Olumo Rock has long served as a rock of offense and a fortress for the people of Egba Land, since the 19th century. The Olumo rock that is believed to be an intrusive igneous rock which has become the tourist attraction in Southwest Nigeria.The cave provided protection to the Egba people when they needed it The relevance of Olumo rock to tourism in Abeokuta can be traced to the part played by the rock in the existence and location of the Egba people to that area and also to the role it played in the development of the Abeokuta. The rock thus serves as a historical tourism site. The rock is an historical monument which served as a shelter and offered protection to the Egba people who were fled from the Oyo Empire that was disintegrating as a result of internal squabbles and external aggression and needed a place of refuge to hide. In 1830 the Egbas having fled from the Oyo Empire needed a place to hide from the conflict that was ravaging the Oyo empire came across an hunter called Adagba who took them to the rock he had just discovered the rock on one of his hunting trips. At that time the Egbas consist of 5 families but the first family to take refuge at the rock were the Egba Alake.

Olumo Rock Cave Moshood Lateef INTD 202: Topics in Non-Western Art & Design – Spring 2019 Abstract Introduction

Olumo Cave




This research project encompassed a literature review and extensive visual data collection in order to document existing information for this study.Current scholarship and both scholarly visual imagery and amateur, recreational visual. imagery were collected

In conclusion, after researching on the design and complex of Olumo rock and its caves,I found out that effort that has been made to modernize the rock complex and preserve the cultural heritage, art galleries in other to keep the culture and tradition unique.

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Olumo Rock cave is an ancient rock located in Abeokuta Ogun state, Nigeria. It was first discovered by a hunter named Adagba and he found the rock to be a natural place of refuge from wars and threat of wars. The cave provided sanctuary to the Egba people giving them room to monitor the enemy’s advance which led to their eventual triumph in the war.

Ojuba ShrineHideout Zone

Olumo View Orisa Alake

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