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Subtask 1
Watch the following short video carefully and provide the names of the Top 10 Greatest Scientists
who changed the World mentioned, as well as their inventions or achievements.
Video Link:

Subtask 2
Choose one of the scientists mentioned in the video and search for an intermediate-level text about
this person. Design a short reading comprehension, based on this text. It has to include:
2.1 Pre-Reading – A photo with 3 questions on the same topic of the text;
2.2 Meaning / Word Formation- Underline 6 key words in the text and design 6 sentences with
these words (Use our textbook, ‘’ Weaving it Together” as a guideline!); (3 marks)
2.3 Main Idea and Details- use the book as a guideline; (3 questions) (3 marks)
2.4 Inferences and Drawing Conclusions- use the book as a guideline. (4 questions) (4 marks)
Important Notes:
– All the designed questions have to be your unique work. Any uncited works will lead to
cancellation of your work;
– It is absolutely advisable and necessary to exactly follow the model for a reading comprehension,
adopted in the “Weaving it together” textbook.
– The assignment has to be submitted on Moodle as soft copy before/ on the due date.
No assignments will be accepted after the due date!
– Assignment with plagiarism will not be accepted

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