Topic: Earthquakes caused by the geographical location of California

Professor recommendation: There are many written information on historical earthquakes, make sure that you use multiple sources and synthesize them and write with your own language. Any facts should also be cited properly. Detailed enough with specific locates, cases, examples. I suggest that you have a clear outline with subsections that each have a subtitle. It should have an introduction section, a concluding section, and about 3 mid sections that each section deals with one of the main points you are trying to convey regarding earthquake and locations. A work cited section should be included. Use the grading criteria in the paper direction as a guide and check list for your paper.


1. The paper/essay should include but not limited to the following:

• The title section that includes a title of the paper, your name, and affiliation (in this case, you can include “A paper as a partial fulfillment for Geography of Clinomania (GEO 3510) course requirement”)

• An introduction that provides a background (include descriptions of the geographic locations if relevant) and a thesis statement or a hypothesis.

• At least three subsections with facts, data, analysis that form the main body of the paper. Give a subtitle to each of the sections

• A concluding section that provides recap of the main findings and any shortcomings of this study.

• A work cited section to provide the source of your materials. Note that only the sources that are cited in the paper should be listed here. If any sources that were not directly used in the paper but was helpful for providing clarifications of concepts, inspirations, ideas, etc. could be included in an additional reference section

2. The thesis, points, hypothesis, arguments, etc. of your paper should be sound based on theories and concepts that we are learning in this class

3. The facts, information, data used in this paper should be obtained from reliable and academically appropriate sources. Note that Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

4. Use single line space and 11 – 12 font size and the paper should be around 1200 – 1500 words exclude citation, abstraction, and reflection sections. Typically, it will be a 5 + page paper with the tables, graphics and all sections included.

5. Exercise your best writing – use proper vocabulary, correct terminology, good grammar, right citation format, etc. Edit and proof read carefully. Eliminate wordiness to make your paper concise.

6. The work should be your own. Submit the final paper through “Turn-It-In” for originality check.

Grading Criteria

1. Process (up to 10 pints): Directions are followed closely every step in the process. The paper is complete (include all the required components) and submitted on time.

2. Contents (up to 30 points): a. The paper is well organized with a clear focus and well-made points b. The contents are supported with relevant and solid facts or data from academically appropriate sources c. Including analysis/discussion using geographic terms and concepts

3. Presentation (up to 10 points): a. Original writing with proper grammar, word usage, etc. b. The paper is structured with a proper layout and polished finish

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