Topic: Is it safe to limit yourself to a low carb – high protein – high fat diet? What is a good way to divide carbs, fat, and protein throughout your meal plan? What are the pros and what are the cons? Case study should be 6 pages in length and answer all of the questions and bullet points. 

This week you must submit the final draft of the study you would like to perform. Your proposal should be neat, reasonably concise, typed and should contain the following information:

  • The precise goal of the study or experiment
  • The population
  • Your expected sample size
  • How you will go about collecting your sample
  • Exactly what statistical computations you expect to perform
  • How you will present your results to the reader
  • Itemized expected cost for your study in terms of time and money

Research Proposal IntroductionA well balanced diet is the primary requirement of the human beings. Now days, due tochange in habit patterns, the person do not get all ingredients from the food….

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