Use the following information to answer questions 1 – 3.George Johnson, a concerned citizen, has decided to conduct a study of the voters in his town to determine if they approve of the way the mayor is running the government. He intends to ask 30 citizens of voting age their views in order to obtain an approval rating (a percentage) that will be published in the local newspaper. George comes from a large town. The town clerk, who monitors the voting booths, informed him that all the voters in the entire town registered at a recent election, and 310,000 votes were counted.1. The voters in the town represent the 1. sample.2. variable of interest.3. population of interest.a. 1b. 2c. 3d. 2 and 32. The mayor’s approval rating is the1. sample.2. variable of interest.3. population of interest.a. 1.b. 2.c. 3.d. 2 and 3.3. If the size of a population is N and the size of a sample of the same population is n, then the correct relationship between N and n isa. N < n.b. n > N.c. N  n.d. n = N – 1.4. Margaret Morris just correctly computed a standard deviation of 6.0 from a sample of 50 observations. What is the variance of Margaret’s sample? a. 0.12b. 0.72c. 36d. 445. Kim Fernando has just found the variance of a sample of 32 observations to be 64.0 by using a formula that is programmed into her new calculator. Therefore, what is the sample standard deviation?a. 2.0b. 4.0c. 8.0d. 4,096″