Previous readings made extensive use of a case study for BP and the Deepwater Horizon accident of 2010.  Using this case study as an example please use the introduction to Terry Cooke-Davies’ book Aspects of Complexity to explain why the Deepwater Horizon accident could have been thought of as a complex project.

In not more than 700 words make your explanation by typing rich text directly into the editor field for your submission.

Please make sure that you meet the deadlines set for this assignment.  You must use the correct academic communication method to write your explanation, including in-text references and a reference list. . The 700 word limit includes all the text you enter, which also consists of in-text references and the reference list.

Assessment Criteria

Your assignment will be assessed on the extent and quality to which it meets each of the following criteria.

1. Qualitative reflection, analysis, judgement and academic method related to the question posed? (40%)

2. Use of relevant reference and evidence sources taken from PPMP units in the CQU Project Mangement programme? (40%)

3. Clarity of expression, grammar, spelling and referencing? (20%)

Referencing Style

· American Psychological Association (APA)



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