Volcanoes – The Project

We have covered many different aspects of volcanoes and volcanic hazards over the past two weeks. At this point, I want to give you an opportunity to delve a little deeper into volcano hazards through a short research and writing project to bring closure to this topic. Rather than have a single assignment that everyone does, I am offering 2 different routes for this project:

· Volcanic Hazards of the Seattle Region: Implications for strategic Business

It should provide a means for each of you to focus on a specific aspect of volcano hazards and relate it to other interests you may have.

· Volcanic Hazards of the Seattle Region: Implications for Strategic Business

Numerous industries, many of which play a strategic role in the U.S. economy.

Corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, Costco, and Weyerhaeuser etc. have major operations in the greater Seattle region and thus could be adversely affected by an eruption of Mt. Rainier.

In this project, you will investigate how an eruption (and related hazards such as ash halls, lahars, etc.) could affect one of these industries. Your report should be a 2- 3 page (1200 words+ figures/pictures) memo to the corporate leadership identifying for them the potential risks they face.

Audience: the chosen industry’s corporate leadership. You should identify for them the potential risks they face. Remember that they are not geologists.

Important: Location of the business, nature of the business/center

(is it a factory or just their headquarters), potential ability to move their operation if conditions became dangerous.

You should list your resources for the report, identify the source of figures, photos, etc. DO NOT simply cut and past from your sources and then use quotes, rather rewrite all text info into your words (= cite your sources!). Use whatever citation method you choose (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) as long as you cite your sources in line with the text/figures and provide a list at the end.

Think about your audience- audiences are quite different for each of the options. Choose something that excites/interests to have fun with your project!

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