Watch one or both of the documentaries below. Both show many different perspectives on border crossing, and border crossers.

The Real Death Valley, 43 minutes: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Crossing Arizona, 90 minutes: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

As you view the film:

Take note of the different perspectives. What are you hearing from various people/organization/gov officers…in the films? What messages are you taking away from the film? Crossing Arizona is the BEST for this. It is well-worth watching. The Real Death Valley is pretty good too. (3 points for well-constructed intro.)

Take a look at the Sustainable Development Goals. Click on each one and read a little something about them. Where do you see Immigration Issues falling in these? How? (1 points for reflecting on relevant SDGs)

Pick one or two aspects/perspectives/issues that you see in the film.

Find 3-5 outside sources that have something to do with your selection. .org; .gov; .edu are generally good data sources. Google Scholar if you’re looking for academic articles. Use media sources widely. They all have a bias or a bent.

If you’re a Fox News reader, stretch a bit and read something else, or vice versa. Christian Science Monitor (not religious) has excellent in-depth, thoughtful coverage of issues, New York Times, a British paper, a French one… Pew Research Center. A different think tank.

Always include your links. (1 points for your links – number and selections)

Now, write your Post. Part 1: Tell us which film you watched, and what you found to be the main issues/messages/perspectives. Anything resonate with you? Surprise you? Other? Part 2: Using the aspects/perspectives from the film that you’d like to write about, show how and which SDGs are relevant to work toward resolving immigration issues. Using the ideas from the films, your sources, and your ideas, weave your reflections about the issue, the SDGs, and your outside sources into a thoughtful Post about unlawful (or unauthorized) migration. (3 points for a well-written Post)

Respond to a colleague’s Post. (2 points for response)

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