Watch the Physicists in the Wild video, watch the Speak Like a Physicist Lesson, and listen to the Act Like a Physicist Audio Podcast.

This week we asked you to “Feel the Science”. In general, I think many people feel that science is sterile, and in many ways the scientific process needs to be to avoid the biases that we have talked about. But most all scientists have passion about their topic for one reason or another, just as you hopefully have passion for your area of study. These passions usually come from experiences and not just esoteric theories that you learn about (e.g. cancer researchers often have personal experiences with cancer victims; teachers have had bad/good experiences in the classroom; microbiologists remember the first time they saw life in a drop of pond water). For this week’s Speak like a Scientist, find a way to experience one of the terms we talked about this week and use a different sense (smell, touch, hearing, sight, taste) than usual to engage with that term. Be creative…”I saw a video on gravity”… is not as impressive as “I tasted gravity”. After you have had your experience, answer the following question?

Describe the concept and experience you chose. How did the experience affect your understanding of the term?

A couple of sites to get you thinking about this approach:

Dance your Ph.D. –

TED Talk on crochet coral reefs –

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