Problem Set Week Two

The questions in the assignment follow the examples provided in the weekly guidance lectures.

The first question this week focuses on the kind of data we have. Different levels of data allow us to do different kinds of analysis, so we need to understand what we have to work with. Question two involves developing the probability of randomly picking a student who has certain characteristics from the sample.

Question three involves finding the probability of randomly picked employees falling within the top one-third of different groups using Excel functions. Question four and five involve using statistical tests to determine if the compa-ratio (an alternate measure of pay).

The final question asks for an interpretation of your opinion on the question of equal pay for equal work based on the work done this week.

Both the assignment file and the data file are located in the Course Materials section at the bottom in the Multi-Media section. The assignment file contains all of the weekly assignments (for Weeks 2, 3, and 4). See the labeled tabs at the bottom of the Excel assignment file. The data in the data file needs to be copied over into the assignment file, and you will be set for the entire class. *

I downloaded all the info I think you are going to need, if you have any questions contact me.

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