The Question: Use two project to explain how Rick combines nature and the digital world/aesthetic. What are the differences and similarities of the digital representation of nature ? (colors, forms, patterns, movement, glitch)

info about the guest: 

His projects: 



After each guest lecture you must participate in a discussion with your peers in a group [how to find your group?] and submit a short response to the Group Discussion section of Canvas. At the end of each lecture a list of questions will be presented in class (the questions will not be posted online) and after meeting with your group you must pick ONLY ONE question from that list and submit your response based on the question. While all group members are supposed to respond to the same question that was picked by the group, yet each group member needs to submit their response individually. After posting your own submission you also need to respond to at least one of your groupmates responses by commenting on their post.

Here are the criteria that will be considered for grading this assignment:

· Length (1 point): Your response should be at least 2 paragraphs. Try to make a concise and elaborated argument; avoid long and unnecessary statements.

· Argument (2 points): You need to develop a solid and meaningful argument in response to the thesis question. Your argument must be relevant to the content of the guest lecture but not a summary of it. A successful argument demonstrates a pertinent reasoning and personal observation of the discussed materials in the lecture.

· Thesis Question (1 point): All members of a group must respond to the same question. Each group member needs to include the complete question at the beginning of their post. If I encounter different thesis questions in a group, the question posted by the group leader will be considered as the main one.

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