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  •   Assignment Requirements

    Ken 7 Windows  Limited has decided to form a computer security incident response team  (CSIRT). When making any security-related changes, they know the first  step is to modify the security policy. As a security administrator, you  have been assigned the responsibility of developing a CSIRT policy that  addresses incident evidence collection and handling. This policy will  guide CSIRT team members in developing procedures on proper techniques  in handling evidence. The goal is to ensure all evidence collected  during investigations is valid and admissible in court.

    You will  write a policy to ensure all evidence is collected and handled in a  secure and efficient manner. All procedures and guidelines will be  designed to fulfill the policy you create.

    Answer the following questions for collecting and handling evidence:

    1. What are the main concerns when collecting evidence?
    2. What precautions are necessary to preserve evidence state?
    3. How do you ensure evidence remains in its initial state?
    4. What information and procedures are necessary to ensure evidence is admissible in court?

    Submission Requirements

    Format: Microsoft Word
    Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space
    Citation Style: APA Style with 3 references
    Length: 2–3 pages

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