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There are nearly 4000 identified minerals, and more minerals are found and described each year.  Out of these minerals there are only a hundred or so “common” minerals.  We rely on these minerals for everything from cell phones to fertilizer.  You will be researching a mineral of your choosing for this project.  The mineral you choose should be one that interests you but one that has an adequate amount of published information for your research.  There are many credible sources available online for you to complete your research, or you can utilize written resources in a library. Do NOT use your textbook as a reference in your citation. This assignment is worth 20 points (15 points for your paper and 5 points for your citation).

The mineral you should be working on this paper is Copper.

FORMAT: Two pages for report plus last page for citations.

Top of page:

· Title (Be creative)

· Your Name

· Date          

Introduction paragraph must include why you are interested in the mineral you chose to research.

Three to four paragraphs should include the following.       

· Where on Earth is the mineral is found and in abundance?

· List at least one area where your mineral is mined and how it is mined.

· What is the chemical composition of your mineral?

· What are the physical properties of your mineral (explain all that you can find)?

· What your mineral is used for? (Ladies; did you now that the “sparkly” in your makeup comes from mica?)

· Is there any mythology or cultural significance associated with your mineral? (Diamonds are a girls best friend?)

Conclusion paragraph must include what you found most interesting or surprising about your mineral.

Citation page will include sources used for your report.

· Site all sources that you used to research your mineral. Here is a good reference for citing science articles from the internet. http://www.citethisforme.com/guides/science/how-to-cite-a-website

Please have fun with this assignment and DO NOT plagiarize.

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