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The first response paper (500-900 words) should summarize and evaluate the arguments put forth in Randall Schweller’s essay, “Three Cheers for Trump’s Foreign Policy.”

The paper should be divided into two sections. The first section should summarize the article and the second section should evaluate the argument that the writer makes. Below are some guidelines for each section:

Section 1 (200-400 words): What core argument(s) does Schweller make, and what evidence does he use to support his argument(s)?
Section 2 (300-500 words): Do you agree with the writer’s argument? Why or why not? From your perspective, what are some strong and weak points that Schweller addresses? Why do you consider those points strong or weak?
Allow yourself plenty of time to revise your paper so that your paragraphs are coherently structured and your sentences flow cohesively from one to another. You will be evaluated on the quality of your writing. As a result, I encourage you to seek writing assistance from the Writing Center. Please see http://www.writingcenter.uci.edu/ for more information about the type of writing services available.

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