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1.What did this week’s readings teach you about Asian American Studies and/or the Asian American experience?  Use your own words and be specific. Why do you think these events and/or issues need to be highlighted and added to our understanding of U.S. history?





  1. List three keywords or events from the reading. Give a definition and/or description for each keyword or event.


The Third World Liberation Front: A coalition of student groups, (Black, Filipino, Mexican…) who led the social movement which resulted in the development of Ethnic Studies programs at San Francisco State College and University of California Berkeley. They also were against the Vietnam War, U.S. imperialism and violence, and believed in the right to self-determination for all people.

San Francisco State Strike: A strike led by students at San Francisco State 1968 that demanded rights to education for working class people, an end to institutional racism, and the creation of ethnic studies programs. The strike went on for many months and ended in 1969, and had the support of campus employees and community members.





3.Connect this week’s reading to a current event in the United States. Discuss one specific event and/or social issue, and the relationship between that and the readings of the week.  How does the reading help you to understand the current event?





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