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This week’s discussion will be more regulatory in nature.

Please find a coastal protection plan either in the U.S. or internationally and share the key components of this plan.  What do you think are the biggest threats to coastines?  Also, share a Google Earth coordinate of the coastal area you are coverin


New York City- Coastal Defense

Since 2015, the City has advanced many coastal defense projects from initial probability analysis, through conceptual design, and toward final design and construction. In coordination with community stakeholders, the City has looked to deliver cutting-edge flood risk mitigation solutions that are integrated into the urban fabric of our neighborhoods and provide co-benefits such as recreational space wherever possible. The key concept of these coastal defenses are solemnly for the protection of those living in the area, to make the environment a better community in one.

Invested or leveraged over $3.7 billion for coastal protection since 2015:

The City is advancing a portfolio of unprecedented projects citywide to mitigate the risk of coastal storms and sea level rise. They are trying every possible way to find different kinds of protection and to know what works best. Major project milestones continue to be met throughout time, including the completion of the Rockaway Boardwalk and interim flood protection measures. Throughout this process, the City is engaging New Yorkers to identify and implement locally handmade resiliency solutions. There is ongoing process here to take care of interim flood, and protect all its majors.

Committed $145 million for new and upgraded parks and facilities to protect the Rockaways from coastal storms and flooding:

On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the City announced $145 million in funding for seven resiliency projects that will help protect communities in the Rockaways from future flooding and coastal storms. This funding was made available through FEMA’s 428 Program, which will capture and repurpose the City’s cost savings from the $480 million Rockaway Boardwalk reconstruction. Identified through extensive consultation with Rockaway residents, the seven projects are Bayswater Park, Shore Front Parkway Recreation Zone, Rockaway Community Park, Beach 88th Street Park, Thursby Basin Park, NYC Parks Operations Headquarters for the Rockaways and Broad Channel, and Edgemere Drainage Infrastructure.

The biggest threats to these kinds of coastline might be money issues as well as natural disasters being able to destroy all of these making all over again. All of these preventions, and defenses are super pricy especially in NYC. What If bankruptcy occurs and there is no such thing to ending the lack of money. This can be a major threat because then nothing can be constructed and fixed since there is no money. Also, imagine having to waste all this money on fixing things that natural disasters caused to then have another natural disaster ruin it. That would be insane if it were to happen and I think it is one of the biggest threats starting with money being the issue.

Increase linear feet of coastal defenses completedIncrease acres of coastal ecosystems restored
133,140 (2018)38.5  (2018)
104,100 (2017)22.0 (2017)

https://onenyc.cityofnewyork.us/goals/coastal-defense/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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