1) Assignment Questions:

– List 2 methods to build visual models of your system.

– What is the best definition of a trust boundary?

– What are the 3 most essential questions to ask in threat modeling?

– In the Star Wars mnemonic, what threat does Luke Skywalker embody?

2) Assignment Questions:

Create an attack tree with a goal of accessing a Building. Below is the start of the tree.

3 ) Assignment questions?

Using the University Digital Library or the Google scholar website, locate a peer reviewed article about privacy. Write a critical evaluation of the article; make sure to include three to five key points that you thought were important. All of the key points should be written in your own words, and the article must be properly cited using APA-style. Your work should include at least two references.

4) Assignment question?

-> What is a Denial of Service attack? How does it function?

-> List two real Denial of service Attacks that occurred in the last few years. (Make sure to include references).

5)Assignment question?

-> Explain how to threat model software you acquire.

-> Explain how to threat model software you build. 3) List two specific non-threat-modeling-driven tests you can perform.

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