The circumpolar sky

What is the definition of a circumpolar star?

Name three circumpolar constellations that are named in the video

What is the definition of a seasonal constellation?

Name the five constellations that are mentioned in the video and identified as SUMMER constellations

Write down the formula for circumpolar stars that is given at the following website:

From the location of Tampa (latitude 28.1 degrees) which of the following stars are circumpolar?

Merak declination of 56.2 Degrees

Pherkad declination of 71.7 degrees

Spica declination of -11.2 degrees

6. Below is a star map indicating the circumpolar constellations. Identify the different constellations visible (e.g. use

stellarium – write the names of the constellations on the map below) Also identify the brightest star in each

constellation and any well known asterisms on the map.

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