I want the sources of each question listed separately under each question’s answer. I am attaching some material from text if you need or you can use internet for the information. If a question requires to use the textbook then you can use that info from my pics of text.

1. What is uniformitarianism and how does it help us to understand the history of the Earth?  Please choose a specific example in which uniformitarianism might be used to explain an aspect of Earth’s history–explain your example. Please cite all sources.

2. Convergent Boundaries, Divergent Boundaries and Transform Boundaries result in varying topographic features on our landscape.  Landforms can vary even further depending on if the boundaries are of continental-continental plates, oceanic-oceanic plates, or continental-ocean plates.  Choose one type of plate boundary and explain what occurs, then provide a specific example of a physical feature on our Earth’s surface (or beneath the oceans) that occurs as a result of processes at the explained boundary.  In discussing the resulting physical feature you may wish to include images or video links to support your post. 

3. Continental Drift is a theory that has been largely accepted by scientists.  What is the theory of Continental Drift?  Think who, what, where, when & evidence.  Choose one line of evidence used to support the theory and explain it in detail.  Include as many key terms and details from the chapter as possible to illustrate your understanding of the theory.

4. What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?  In what ways can the Pacific Ring of Fire have global, regional and local impacts?  It would a great idea to explore not only what the Pacific Ring of Fire is, but provide examples of events that have taken place or could potentially take place within the region.  Are there positive and negative aspects to the region?  Why is this topic of importance to us in California?  As always, please cite your sources.

5. There are four principle types of volcanoes discussed in your textbook.  Choose one type (Shield, Composite, Cinder Cone or Lava Dome) and discuss its characteristics such as eruption style, magma composition and topography.  Provide a historic eruption example for your volcano type and images to support your post.  As always, please document all sources used.

6. We live in an area of frequent seismic activity. In fact, the USGS has an online tool that tracks all earthquake activity in California each day. What special problems/unique circumstances do these events create? How do we work around them? Do you think we/cities/governments are doing the best we can or is there more to be done? (Feel free to discuss recent tectonic events such as the earthquakes in Nepal, Japan and Chile, if you like.)  You may also draw on the information your textbook provides in chapter 14 regarding earthquakes. 

For Question:6     

For Question :5      

for Question 3 

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