Natural Disasters and Environmental Geology (GEOL 104)

College of Southern Idaho (CSI)

Shawn Willsey, Professor

Asteroid Video Questions

Film: NOVA Asteroids-Doomsday or Payday

1. What percentage of species went extinct due to an asteroid impact 65 million years ago?

2. What keeps asteroids from coalescing into a larger mass like a small planet?

3. How do asteroid impacts differ from other natural hazards (like earthquakes and tornadoes)?

4. Where do most near Earth asteroids discoveries come from?

5. How many injuries resulted from the the Chelyabinsk, Russia impact on Feb 15, 2013?

6. Why was the Chelyabinsk asteroid undetected?

7. How will the Sentinel program increase our ability to detect asteroids?

8. Why did the asteroid that created Meteor Crater in Arizona 50,000 years ago form such a large crater?

9. What are the two primary methods of mitigating an asteroid impact?

10. What is the most important mineable resources in asteroids?

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