According to Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs.

Answers these questions in 3-5 lines. 

  1.  What territorial issue has served as an obstacles in peace negotiations between Syria and Israel?
  2. How is the city of Jerusalem a factor in the peace process?
  3. What was Arafat’s fear in accepting Barak’s offer regarding the division of Jerusalem?
  4. In the 10 weeks prior to Christmas in the year 2000,  ____ Palestinians and ___ Israelis were killed in the Intifada.
  5. what was the “Karine A” and why was it significant diplomatically?
  6. What organization planned and executed the suicide bombing (terrorist attack) of Passover 2001?
  7. Describe the Israeli military response to the attack in 2002.
  8. Why did Israel begin construction of a 500-mile barrier in the West Bank and what were Palestinian objectives?
  9. What territorial concession did Arial Sharon make in December 2003 and what did he hope to obtain in return?
  10. Discuss the “right of return” as related to Palestinian refugees and how this has been a significant factor in the peace process.

According to “Inside North Korea (PBS)” answer these questions. 3-5 lines answer.

  1. Describe the lack of freedoms in North Korea.
  2. Why is it difficult to defect via crossing the DMZ?
  3. Describe medical/hospital conditions in North Korea.
  4. Describe the extravagant lifestyle of Kim Jung II.

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