View the episode Men of Rock – Deep Time and answer each question below in a separate paragraph.

Men of Rock – Episode 1 Deep Time


According to the video, James Hutton had an insight about geology while clearing drainage ditches and canals at a farm at Slighhouses. What did he observe? What type of rock can be formed through similar processes? Explain.


What was the significance of the explosion at the glass bottle factory? What does this have to do with the formation of rock? Does this offer insight into the origin of another type of rock? Explain.  


In 1785, Hutton presents his Theory Concerning the System of the Earth, its Duration and Stability at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Was his theory well received?


Hutton goes to Blair Atholl, and searches the the confluence of the Tay River and the River Dee. What is he looking for? Does he find it?


What is the significance of Siccar Point? Describe the landscape and what geological processes Hutton discerned there.


Something was discovered in 1898 that offers an explanation for two geological problems/questions. Explain. What was the discovery and what are the two problems?


Approximately how old is the Lewisian gneiss that the narrator chops off an outcrop in the Scottish highlands? What is the approximate age of the Earth?

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