For this week’s journal post, please respond to the following questions:

The video Technology that Changed the Art of Cinema (posted here on eLearning) explored a variety of technology advances that have helped to reshape the history of the movies.  For this journal, choose ONE of the technology advances that the video presented and describe its impact on movies in terms of:

  • 1. What was cinematography      like before the invention of the technology? 2. What      was cinematography like after? 
  • 3. What did the invention      allow/enable filmmakers to do that they couldn’t do before the technology      was invented?
  • 4. How has this technology enabled      movie creators to further their expression and craft their “artistic      expression?”  

This journal should be a minimum of 250 words, use proper grammar and spelling and employ proper citations of any outside sources or ideas that are not your own!  


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