Assignment-4 (GEOG100)

American Tongues

Fall 2018

Due: 21st Oct by 11.59 (on BB)

Watch the Video American Tongues on CSUS library (free online) and answer the following questions at least in 50-75 words.

1. What were the basic attitudes about dialects in American Society?

2. What were some scenes in American Tongues that show prejudice against the speech of a particular region, class or a social group? ( ATLEAST 3)

3. How do people feel about themselves when they are constantly told that their dialect is inferior? Have you been identified about your dialect?

4. Any other thoughts and ideas which you found interesting /concerned after watching this video( at least 3 and discuss them)

5. What does the video seem to suggest about the disadvantages of not being able to use Standard English in situations where it is expected to be used?

6. How many and which languages you know and can speak

Speak Read Write





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