Engineering homework help


We all need energy.  It comes in various forms and can be discussed in many ways: electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, kinetic, potential and renewable to name a few.


Explore the topic of Energy, beginning with the following websites listed below.  Find one aspect of energy that appeals to you and read about it.  Make an initial post to the group and state:

  1. why that aspect of energy got your attention
  2. what you learned about that aspect of energy

Paste the link to the websites that you are referencing.

Once you have entered the discussion, read what others have said.  Pick up on what someone else has posted and let their post be a starting point for you to look at a different aspect of energy.  Reply to their post with another thing that you learned because of picking up on what they said.  Again, paste the links to the resources that you are referencing.

Always paste the links to the resources that you are referencing.


You must make an initial post and 1 reply.

Your initial post must be at least 350 words.  To know your word count, compose your post in a Word document and then copy and paste it into the discussion.

I’ll look for posts and replies that show an honest effort to bring new information into the discussion.  I’ll look for links a so I can review your sources.  I’ll consider the depth of thought that is apparent in your work.

Energy websites:

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