Give the test statistic (if any), degrees of freedom (if any), and the p-value for your choice in the attached sas data output

Test Statstic =

D.F =

P value =

WikOXON STORES ( Rank Games for Variable ExamClassified by Variable genderSan of Expected Stu DeMeangardeScores / Under HAI Under HOSCORE17 282503060 30 268196 16 EIGHT18 347 503240 FORESTSE CHEESEAverage scores were used for tiesWilcoxON Two Sample TestStatistic 15232 5090formal ApproximationOTHERone sided FREE02189TWO – Sided PES04375IApproximationne- sided FREE12212TWO – Sided Pr S0 4 2Exact Testone sided FTTWO – Skied PES = 19 – MARTY

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