Exercise 4.1 Text As Image Poster

Before starting this exercise, make sure you have also read the 4.1 Sentence Guidelines, which covers selecting an appropriate sentence and words for this exercise. The short version = absolutely no hate speech, violent speech or slurs.


For this exercise, you will be working with vector text and shape building processes and techniques to create a text-based image that is composed of ONLY text, letter-forms and abstract shapes built out of letters. This image will be constructed from the words and letters in a meaningful sentence of your choice.

A Few More Rules:
Only use a single font from the following options: Helvetica, Avenir, Futura, Franklin Gothic, Garamond or Arial, only if none of the other fonts are available. You may use any styles, such as bold, italic, heavy, condensed, light etc, of whichever of the above font you choose.

Use 2 colors minimum, 4 colors maximum – Black, White, and 2 other colors of your choice, with no gradients.

The final Text Image cannot contain any other shapes, graphics or images (except for those constructed by letterforms or negative space) You may use shapes to construct paths or area type borders, but these shapes must only be defined by text in the final image.

Your image will be completed over multiple steps – be sure to export at the end of the final step and submit to this assignment. This final exported image is worth 8 points total, broken down in the rubric below (which correspond to each of the different tutorial videos). Partially completed projects will be assigned partial credit based on this rubric.

Project Requirements:
Completed using Illustrator or approved alternative vector editor
1100 x 1700 pixels canvas size – Portrait or Landscape
Exported and submitted as a JPG file –
Export Settings Using CC versions: File > Export > Export As: JPG file format, Check “Use Artboards”, Color Mode: RGB, Quality 10 (Maximum), Compression Method: Use Default Setting, Resolution: Screen 72 ppi
Export Settings Using CS6 or lower versions: File > Save for Web: JPG file format, Quality 100% / Maximum, Compression: Use Default Setting, Check “Clip to Artboard”, hit “Save” not just “Done” in bottom right

Project Rubric / Breakdown:

  1. Project observes the Font Limit (USES ONLY ONE FONT) the Color Limit (Only 2 colors in addition to Black and White, with NO gradients) and the Image Limit (only text objects can be used to compose the image or define shapes – no other shapes, lines, graphics or images can be included) – 2pts

  2. Project utilizes basic transformations such as scale shifts, or changes in position or rotation  – 1pt

  3. Project contains at least 1 application of area type in a non-rectangular shape – 1pt

  4. Project contains at least 1 application of type on a path – 1pt

  5. Project contains at least 2 different abstract shapes built using the pathfinder tool and point editing processes to combine and transform letters or words together – 2 pts

  6. Project has the correct dimensions and is exported / submitted in the correct file format – 1pt

  7. If the sentence used violates the restrictions posted here by including hate speech, violent speech or slurs, it will be grounds for receiving a 0 on the project. Please direct any questions about sentence selection to me or your TA before you start your project, and by Friday, February 8th.

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