Write a minimum 700-word narrative (350 word for each stop), describing your selected last two (2) geologic stops. In your summary, includes the following components:

o    Title (Name of your Location of Each Geologic Stop)

o    Cover Page

o    Three (3) Maps showing the location of each selected stop of the Geologic Tour

o    Introduction

  • Stop 4
    • Description of the selected plate boundary
    • Origin and causes of this plate boundary
    • Geologic activities associated with this selected plate boundary
    • Economic resources associated with the geologic activities due to the plate
  • Stop 5
    • Description of the selected earthquake
    • Origin and causes of this earthquake
    • Methods used in predicting and measuring earthquakes
    • Hazardous associated with this selected earthquake including specific data and statistics of damages
    • References page including used citations

·         Resources: Utilize at least three (3) credible sources for each stop in your geologic tour including the assigned Textbook and internet sites.  Please refer to the Webliography area for suggested internet sites. Wikipedia and other such editable sites are not authorized for use.

*Please ask for webliography upon accepting this assignment.*

·         The paper must follow APA guidelines including in text citations and a references page listing the used citations. Below is a link for help with APA Guidelines.

ASSIGNMENT DUE NO LATER THAN 9 March 2017 at 1200 PM Mountain Time US..

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