Use the SHARC Library Database or do research on the Internet. If you use the Internet, you must use professionally written journals. Do not use Wikipedia or blogs. Select one of the following for your 1,000 word final paper:

1. Write a paper based on an interview with the ethics committee at your local hospital. What ethical decisions do they make on a daily basis, and what procedures do they have in place to assist in making those decisions? Examples: How do they arrive at ethical decisions regarding issues such as terminating life support, late term abortions, or any other ethical issues that they face.   (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

 2. Write about a personal incident in your life in which you had to make an ethical decision. What was the situation? What did you decide to do? Using one or more of the ethical theories in week one justify your decision and its results.

3. Research one of the theories in week one and write a paper about it. Provide research and citations to support your entry and justify your research and what you learn concerning the theory and your personal position concerning the theory and why you chose that particular theory.

All papers must be written in APA format, using the following outline:

Title Page

Body (at least 1,000 words-See Template)


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