Subject: ITS 833 – Information Governance

Discussion 1

The eight Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles, as outlined by ARMA International, are summarized in this week’s text readings.

(i) c

(ii) Using any public organization that can be cited and referenced, provide a brief example for each of the 8 GAR Principles within this organization.

Word Count: 450 +

Discussion 2 

According to Smallwood (2014) there are five basic steps to conducting a risk assessment: (1) Identify the risk, (2) Determine potential impact, (3) Evaluate risk levels and probabilities and recommended action, (4) Create a report with recommendations and implement, and (5) Review periodically.

Identify a risk within any organization. Assess the risk based on the Smallwood’s criteria.


Smallwood, R. F. (2014). Information governance: concepts, strategies and best practices. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley

Word Count: 450 +

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