For the feast or saint on the day you chose:

1.  Write one paragraph with some information about the feast or saint . . . why does the church celebrate this feast or honor this person?  For saints, are they the patron of any groups of people?  For feasts, what season of the liturgical year is it in?  You can just Google to find this information, and you can even just copy something if you can find something short and good.  But you MUST MUST MUST cite your source(s) of information!  You will read this to the class on the day it is your turn.

2.  Write or find a prayer appropriate to the saint of feast.  Again, you may Google and copy.  Again, you MUST cite your source of information!  On the day it is your turn, you will EITHER lead us in this prayer OR ask someone else to do so on your behalf.

See Prof. Eloe’s example from Jan. 19 for the sort of thing you are being asked to do.

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