For this assignment, research the Internet for information on the UA 232 DC-10 accident that occurred on July 19, 1989 in Sioux City, Iowa and the DHL Airbus-300 shoot-down incident that occurred on November 22, 2003 in Baghdad. Then write a thorough analysis comparing and contrasting these two cases. There are many articles on the Internet related to these cases. Please do not include any direct quotes in your analysis. Use your own words. Be sure to cite and reference all of your sources as applicable.

Your discussion and analysis should focus on the topic of this Module, which is stability and control and the associated flight dynamics (e.g. phugoid mode, lateral & directional control & stability, and coupled effects) along with the influence of aircraft design characteristics (e.g. engine position) and configuration (e.g. landing gear).  Tell me WHY the aircrew were able to fly an aircraft using essentially only differential thrust.  What are the aerodynamic mechanics that made this possible?

APA style

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