1. Your task this time is to match each set of data described below to the distribution shape that best represents what the data set looks like. Your choices of shapes are: J-Shaped distribution, Normal Distribution, Rectangular Distribution, bimodal distribution, positive skew distribution, negative skew distribution.
  2. (1) ages of players in a father-son softball game
  3. (2) ages of all people in an elementary school
  4. (3) heights of patrons at an R-rated movie
  5. (4) heights of patrons at a G-rated movie
  6. (5) IQ scores of an incoming class of freshmen
  7. (6) weights of attendees at a “Biggest Loser” reunion (last year’s contestants and this year’s current contestants)
  8. (7) ages of patrons at a concert of the latest “boy” band
  9. (8) ages of patrons at a showing of “A Christmas Carol”
  10. (9) prices of new cars at a dealership during good economic times
  11. (10) prices of new cars at a dealership during bad economic times

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