Site Plan Assignment

Farmers Market Site Layout

This is an individually graded assignment.  Each student will work independently and submit an individual assignment.

Congrats! You’ve been hired to create a start-up farmer’s market. Your event production agency was hired by a name-brand utility in town that wants to host a farmer’s market series with the following objectives: create a sense of community, encourage healthy habits and increase access to fresh produce for local residents and increase brand awareness for their company.

1. MAP Using Google Earth, create a site map for a farmers market.

· Select ANY city park within Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tempe city park system.  You will find a list of parks at the very below.

· Use PowerPoint or any CAD system you’re familiar with

· Drop in 15 farmer’s market vendor booths that are roughly 10×20 each.

· Remain close to SCALE. This means that your booth size makes sense relative to the area.

· Give your map a header title & a legend. Be sure to note directional orientation!

· Account for / indicate logistical needs. include: shade, parking, seating, sanitation, any obvious trip hazards, ingress/egress and any other safety elements, entrances,  and fire exits.

· Screenshot / insert your map image into your word document, then answer the questions below.

2. Why did you choose this venue in particular over other options to create a successful farmer’s market series?

3. What site layout or environmental element is you a potential threat to the success of this event?

Submit either a .pdf or Microsoft document.  Please include both the map and the questions in one document, multiple pages are fine.  Do not share google docs or other cloud-based docs.

Download google earth or find a computer where you can access this website/service.

List of Parks:

Tempe Beach Park

Celaya Park Tempe

Daley Park Tempe

Camelback Park Scottsdale

McKellips Lake Scottsdale

Cactus Park Scottsdale

Civic Space Park Phoenix

Los Olivos Park Phoenix

Steele Indian School Park Phoenix

Encanto Park Phoenix

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