Cource: EPGDM Predictive analysisAssignment —| Note: use SPSS or Excel for analysis 1. MRP Biscuit Company Ltd The Indian biscuit industry has turnover of around Rs. 3000 crore. Indian is the second largestmanufacturer of biscuits, after USA. The industry employs almost 3.5 lakh people directly and 30lakh people indirectly. The biscuit industry can be segmented into the organized and unorganizedsectors. There are about 150 small and medium sector units besides a few large units. Theproportion of the production in the organized to unorganized sector is in the ratio of 55 to 45percent. Exports of biscuits have been generally to the tune of 10 percent of annual production.The industry is having an annual growth rate of about 14 to 16 percent since 2003. The per capitaconsumption of biscuits in Indian is only 1.8 kg per annum as compared to 2.5 kg to 5.5 kg in theSouth East Asian countries, European oountries and USA. The biscuits could be broadly classified into various categories such a Glucose, Marie, Sweet, Salty, Cram and Milk.MRP Biscuit Company started its operations in Ambala city, Haryana, in 2001. The company was growing at an annual rate of 20 percent, which was above the industry average. However, for thelast three years, the growth has been only to the tune of 5 to 6 percent. This very factor has beenof a main concern to the top management of the company. Mr. Pk. Malhotra, the senior VicePresident, Marketing, had a meeting the senior marketing team and was wondering why theircompany, which has been doing so well, has slowed down in the last few years. During thediscussion it was suggested by one of the senior managers to identify the factors which influencethe preference for biscuits. It was argued that one these are known, it will help the company toconcentrate on those factors accordingly. Therefore, the company decided to get a study done froma research agency to identify the various factors that influence the preference for biscuits. Asampleof 40 individuals was chosen randomly from Ambala, the data was collected on variables likepreservation quality, taste, nutrition value and preference on a 7—point sale with the higher numberindicating a more positive rating. The data is given below.

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